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We’re bridging the gap between self-confidence and inclusion

Limitless lift, elevated confidence

NakedTones is changing the trajectory for all women by offering alternatives to a bra for limitless breast confidence: supportive breast tape and nipple covers in shades that celebrate your natural radiance.

Whether due to genetics, aging or having a child, your breasts inevitably change over time. We’re here to boost your breasts (and confidence!) through every season of life.

Say goodbye to gapping, chafing, sagging and ill-fitting bras for good: because your breasts deserve simply the best.

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Women of color are often overlooked when it comes to skin tone-realistic shades – we’re here to disrupt that.

The endless hunt for the perfect, comfortable bra? Oh, we’ve been there. Factor skin tone into that and finding a shade that mirrors your actual skin feels nearly impossible.

Our breast tape and nipple covers bridge this gap by offering comfortable, supportive alternatives to a bra in shades that celebrate your natural radiance. A new level of breast confidence, unlocked.

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From Our CEO

Britany Stamps

I founded NakedTones after personally experiencing a gap in the market for high-quality, ultra-supportive and inclusive bra options.

It’s my mission to provide the best alternatives to a bra for all women, while celebrating NakedTones’ brand values of inclusivity, empowerment and elevated self-confidence through every stage of life.

At NakedTones we’re committed to changing the confidence trajectory for all women – together.

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